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Painting workshop “Terirem” is located in the Old Marketplace of the town of Mytilene. Out of personal choice, we live and work in the beautiful island of Lesvos. The abundance of architectural features in the scheduled settlements, the everyday beauty of images, the living memories and the narrations of the people you meet in the island, the imposing, exquisitely decorated temples, as well as the countless, humble country chapels and the poignant beauty of nature, have been instrumental in our decision to settle here and have determined the type of art we decided to pursue.
What preceded was our love for old wood and items, many of which are a work of art in their own right. By observing them, you can trace the point from which the artist started working on them and when his hand was bent from fatigue in the times when there was no machinery and everything was made by hand!
Then, we collect those old pieces of wood that many people, friends and customers, acquaintances or unknown ones, bring us with joy because they will not have to dispose of their old shutters that had to be replaced, or grandmother’s chest that does not fit in the flat. On them we paint what is around us, as well as the memories of what existed before; all these which, with their fragile simplicity, help us dream and shed light on the chaotic times we live in.
Constantina & Fotini Maragou

Creative Process of a Work of Art

Wood – Maintenance
We begin our work by maintaining the piece of wood we wish to paint. We remove the stucco and the colour it usually has on it (unless we wish to incorporate it in our painting process), we remove and restore any rotten part of wood, make preventative treatment for bookworm and smooth the wood. During its maintenance, we do not try to make wood look more presentable or new; on the contrary we highlight its old age and do not cover any wear but incorporate it in our painting.
We use acrylic colours, temperas, water colours, guage in mixed techniques and oils. For the special art of hagiography, we follow the traditional way of preparing the icon by affixing the jaconet and applying the stucco. For hagiography we use powders and egg temperas.
We complete the process in all our works with the technique of artificial aging.